Maccagno to Lago di Mergozzo

We spent a long weekend at Lake Mergozzo which sits just north of Lake Maggiore. I almost don’t want to write about the lake in the blog as it is a little gem of a lake and still relatively quiet. It is only small, about 1.5 miles long and just over half a mile wide with a lovely sandy bottom.

We stayed at the opposite end to the main village Mergozzo at Camping La Quiete. It is next door to the Continental Camping Village which looked packed, particularly their beach. The great thing about our campsite was that there were lots of little inlets on the lake that we found to launch the kayak from and go swimming. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of seven having fun in the lake as we didn’t have any cameras with us, but we were all in (five humans and two dogs) swimming at the same time.

One morning Andy, Finn & I kayaked across the lake to Mergozzo for a walk around and a drink. We did slightly panic when we ordered a glass of wine and a beer and a platter of bread, cheese and meat was delivered as well. The reason for the panic was we had only brought €20 with us as we and no credit cards. We carried as little as possible just in case we capsized. As it happened it was a free aperitif and the total bill was only €9. Panic over.

Mergozzo is only small with a population of about 2.200 and relies mainly on tourism with some quarrying of the local marble. It has lots of little alleyways and is very pretty.

One other momentous event occurred while we at Lago di Mergozzo and that was England got through to the semi finals of the World Cup, the best result for 28 years. We were the only Brits on the site though so not very loud celebrations.


Weather – very hot and sunny with some persistent mosquito’s

Miles Driven – 41

Mikes Walked – 3 (with lots of swimming & rowing)

Overnight – 3 nights at Camping La Quiete €30 per night with electric 45.953279 8.477155


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