Lago di Piano to Maccagno on Lake Maggiore

After three nights at Lago di Piano we deflated the water toys, squeezed everything back into the camper and headed off to Lake Maggiore for a one night stop en route to another smaller lake.

We stopped at a camperstop in the village of Maccagno on the shore of Lake Maggiore. There are a couple of places you can stop for free in the town. We chose the smaller one as it had tree shade. 

There are some really old pretty parts of the town if you wander around and a few restaurants. We ate at a small Pizzeria and Restaurant on the main road. 

The stopover was free but there was one catch, it was right next to the railway line. This didn’t seem a problem as it appeared to be a quiet line. That was true, there were not many trains but the ones that did come through were very loud, particularly the 2:30am train! 

Weather – morning drizzle clearing to a sunny afternoon

Miles driven – 31

Miles walked – 4.5

Overnight – free camper stop in Maccagno 46.041237 8.73894



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