Home at last

We arrived back home after a detour to the NEC to the Motorhome Show to have a look at some different camper layouts. We love our campervan layout but as we are planning longer trips we quite fancy a fixed bed plus LPG and a solar panel would be useful. Watch this space our next … More Home at last

Back in the UK

Day forty started with a bit of backwards and forwards. We did have a visit from Guy the campsite owner last night when we found out that unfortunately the campsite doesn’t take cards and we didn’t have enough Euros. Therefore this morning we had to go and get some cash from the nearest town and … More Back in the UK

Bonjour France

Day thirty-eight and we had a peaceful, non windy night, hallelujah. We again braved the German traffic, I need reminding if I ever criticise the British for driving too close just how much of a non existent gap there is in Germany. Andy said sometimes if it was a small car he couldn’t actually see … More Bonjour France