Lago di Mergozzo to Lago di Orta

After leaving the campsite we stopped for another amble around the village of Mergozzo. We have definitely fallen in love with this village and would love to return another day.

it was only a short drive of twelve miles to our next lake, Lago di Orta, which is west of Lake Maggiore. The guidebooks describe this lake as the one that tourists haven’t discovered and the Milanese call it La Cenetentola (Cinderella) as they believe it is superior to the larger lakes.

We stopped on the outskirts of Omegna on the northern shore of the lake. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the beach area but there is a wooded picnic area only five minutes walk away with access to the lake that is dog friendly. Out the back of the picnic area there is a walk up into the woods and around the lake, where within a mile or two there are a couple more little bays which we had all to ourselves.

In the evening we had a walk into the town of Omegna. It had a really old centre and was in the process of having pink bikes and ribbons put up along the lake. A quick Google told us that Stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia Internazionale Femminile was going to be held the next day. While we were in Omegna as it was our last night in Italy we had to have an ice cream, which was actually our first and last one in Italy.


Weather – hot and sunny with very high humidity

Miles Driven – 12

Miles Walked – 6.9

Overnight – Camper Stopover Omegna 45.863467 8.398609 €14 per 12 hours with all services. Exact money only via machine.

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