We have arrived in Norway

Day four, we left the stopover at Doggerbanke, I am pleased to say it was a quiet night. We found a parking spot about half way up the beach and had a lovely walk. It was lovely quiet beach. We met a couple of other dog walkers and passed a couple of people braving the water for a swim. They were swimming Danish style i.e naked – not very British at all. We took a wide birth with Finn. We didn’t want him stealing clothes or jumping up where he wasn’t welcome.
Next, to the ferry and a great crossing to Norway. The ferry was so clean and also very quiet so loads of space, I am pleased I didn’t pay to reserve a seat now. As we left the ferry they didn’t check Finn a all. As it was we didn’t need to bother with the vet in the UK.

We left Kristiansand and drove about 30 miles along the coast to our fantastic free camping spot for the night, as seen in the photo above. So far we are loving the scenery and we have only been here a few hours. Finn has had lots of fun  in the water and has already taken himself to bed. Hopefully he hasn’t peaked too early.

The view from our van tonight
Finn enjoying the freedom after the ferry journey


Overnight – Stegganskogen  N 58.053130  E 7.271030

Miles Walked – 4.4

Miles Driven – 38

Weather – Sunny and warm







5 thoughts on “We have arrived in Norway

  1. So glad you had an undisturbed night in Doggerbanke 😉 after the longhaul to get to Norway.

    Really looking forward to reading about the scenery and your adventures in Norway – keep typing!


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