Lindesnes Fyr, the most southern point in Norway

Day five started really hot and sunny at our idyllic beach side spot. We didn’t really want to move but felt we really should move on as it is only our second day in Norway. We headed to Lindesnes Fyr. This was the site of the first lighthouse in Norway in 1655 and also is the southern-most point in Norway. The photo above shows it is 2518km to Nordkapp, the most northern point that we hope to get to in a few weeks. Lindesnes was a beautiful place and we went for a rock scramble around the coves which unfortunately ended up a bit boggy and of course we lost the path.  Is it wrong to send your dog first and see if he sinks, then you go a different way if he does? Finn has brown legs at the moment – he sank a lot! The miles walked today doesn’t really show the effort that went into the walk.

Eventually we found a way back to the camper and headed off to Flekkerfjord. This is a pretty little town with old timber buildings with strong links to Holland. We managed to find a motorhome station in the town so had another empty of everything and refill for free. We nearly made an expensive mistake in the car park though, thank goodness for iPhones and google translate. You just hold your phone at the sign and it translates it for you. In the carpark we discovered if you don’t use the up and down keys to select a length of time it automatically charges you for 24 hours, 96NK instead of 24NK for a couple of hours.

After a wander around Flekkerfjord we headed to our second lighthouse of the day which was less of a success. The Eigroy Lighthouse has great reviews and is meant to be a lovely walk, unfortunately you are not allowed dogs anywhere on the peninsula between April and October because of the livestock. Plus they wouldn’t allow overnight camper in the car park.

That set a bit of a theme, no camping at Kvassheim Fyr (lighthouse) either which was our next stop, therefore we have ended up at a campsite tonight. The good news is we are currently draining the Norwegian national grid charging absolutely every electrical device we have, including the toothbrush! Plus the campsite has an amazing beach for a nice evening walk. The weather has turned a bit though, the wind has picked up and it has started to drizzle. Andy is currently watching our neighbours trying to put out their awning in strong winds and continue their BBQ, and they are not even British. Campsite entertainment, always worth paying for. Although he is jealous of the 50″ TV in the motorhome on the other side of us. It is like an episode of The Royals camping, we can watch everything through the window.

Fingers crossed that the weather improves by the morning and we do not get blown away.

Overnight – Ogna Camping, Ogna N 58.530669  E 5.773497

Miles Driven – 134

Miles Walked – 5.5

Weather – hot and sunny morning, turning overcast with rain and strong wind in the evening

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