Arrival at Hirtshals

Day 3 started with the same routine as the last couple of days, a walk first thing to tire Finn out before we set off driving for the day. The aim today was to get to Hirtshals at the top of Denmark so we were ready to get the ferry tomorrow. After a walk we had a quick stop off at a local bakery for important supplies, cakes, bread and croissants for breakfast
Unfortunately we were not going long before the dreaded road works, Germany must have the biggest road improvement budget in Europe. We were stop / start for road works for the next few hours. We then were diverted off the motorway by the police, we assume there was an accident further on but couldn’t understand why they were still letting cars get on the junction they were diverting us off. There was no diversion signposted so after a quick look at the map we found a route that took us up to the next junction. Everyone seemed to take a different direction as they got off the motorway which seemed a little odd, but we stick to our route and detoured by about 10miles up to the next junction. The entrance to the motorway wasn’t blocked so we drove on it. We did start to slightly panic at this point as we were realised the only vehicle on the motorway going in our direction was us. All the traffic on the opposite carriageway was at a stand still. About 10 minutes later panic over as a couple of cars caught us up and passed us at the normal brake neck speed. We still have no idea where the rest of the traffic went but we had a great journey for some time on a virtually empty motorway.
Due to the roadworks and diversion we didn’t end up getting to Hirtshals until nearly severn. We did stop on the outskirts at a free motorhome service point and emptied everything and refilled with fresh water which was great.
Tonight were in a motorhome stop in the centre of town. Slight concern, the road name is Doggerbanke! hopefully we will not be disturbed. We did have to pay for this one, it was 75K so about £8 which isn’t too bad.
We were both knackered by this point so we walked to the beach and had Danish fish and chips, washed down with a pint and a glass of red – £28 thankyou very much!! We will need to get used to these prices. It was a lovely white sandy beach that goes on forever so we have decided to come back tomorrow morning and go for a long walk before we get on the ferry to hopefully tire Finn out.
Back to camper, another episode of 24 and one more sleep before Norway.

Overnight – Hirtshals  N 57.589970  E 9.965130

Miles Driven – 375

Miles walked – 4.1

Weather – sunny morning, turning cloudy and drizzle in the afternoon, sunny but cooler evening


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