Cross country walking in Norway

Day twenty-nine and we are about 5 miles over the border into Norway. I am pleased to report we had a quiet night in the wilderness last night, although Andy did tell me this morning that he heard an animal shuffling around the van, thankfully I was asleep. Despite this, last nights camping spot was voted equal first place with our very first night in Norway which was by our own beach. I think this was also Finn’s favourite as he was free to wander wherever he wanted. It was also our coldest night so far as we woke up to a frost and on our walk this morning some of the puddles where frozen over. One of the tracks that we walked along had a couple of these hides that we took a picture off. They both had a log burner inside so would be quite toasty on a cold day. We assume they are for hunting.

I did have one disaster though last night, I have finally run out of the wine that I brought with us from the UK. It hasn’t done too bad, I now have two G&T’s left and a bottle of Amaretto so that should see me into Germany and a good old Aldi to restock the drinks cabinet.

Today as we drove across Sweden rather than down, the scenery changed and we passed some stunning villages and lakes. The area we passed through today is definitely one that we would like to come back to and take time to explore. Unfortunately we have just ran out of time this holiday to see everything, we need to stop for a few more months!!image

We passed some quite rural areas where all the houses also have several out buildings of various sizes. We think there must be a bit of moonshine going on!

Not far from the border we passed through a hamlet which was perfect for Finn called Asbo. I think he must think his name is ‘No Finn’ or ‘Stop Finn or ‘Leave Finn’ as that is what we say on repeat most of the day.

This evening we are at a parking spot at the bottom of a couple of cross country ski routes. We did a walk this evening following one of them. It is very strange having ski poles mark your way when it is lovely sunshine and not a hint of snow at all.image

Overnight – N 61.24959. E 12.56175

Miles Walked – 5.9

Miles Driven – 244

Weather – sunshine all day

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