A night in the wilderness

Day twenty-eight was spent on the E4 apart from a short stretch were there were road works and we were diverted off for about ten miles. Unfortunately the E4 was a bit speed camera crazy and Andy got flashed, that was by a camera and not by anything else. We will have to wait and see if anything arrives in the post when we get home. If you are ever traveling in Sweden stick to speed limits and beware of these.image

Alongside the road in many stretches there are cycle paths which mainly seem to be used by Nordic Skiers. We saw what looked like an event going on today as they all had numbers on, they certainly were not hanging about.

The road also had at very regular intervals vandplats. The translation seems to be turning circle but most of them also had a road that led into the forest. imageWe pulled into one for a lunchtime stop and after a Google translate we worked out the sign on the gate was saying keep it closed due to herding animals causing serious accidents. So we had a nice lunchtime forest walk. Finn managed to find a large bone to chew on. He can basically sniff out food from a 100m.image

Tonight we are in the middle of a forest with absolute silence all around us, a good few miles from anyone else and not a sniff of an internet or phone signal so this will not get posted until Monday. This is wilderness camping at it best. This was our second try at an overnight spot. The first one was listed on my app and had a lovely old steam train and steam powered boat surrounded by park land. The problem was it looked like two caravans there were pretty much homes for people of no fixed abode and the park was attracting some kids. We did a walk with Finn and decided to move on. We always said if we didn’t feel comfortable anywhere we wouldn’t stop. It was me who made Andy move on this time so he chose this spot. Finn was extra lucky as he then got a fourth walk of the day in the woods.

Overnight – Near Gardsjon off the E4 N62.14114  E17.26316

Miles Walked – 7

Miles Driven – 321

Weather – sunshine all day

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