Day one – UK to Belgium

Day one of our travels didn’t quite go to plan. Finn had his vets appointment at 9am and unfortunately the vet was late turning up and then when he did get there he wasn’t able to stamp Finn’s passport as he didn’t have a stamp! After phoning around the other 2 practices in the group they couldn’t find a stamp either. Eventually after calling a few more vets in the area they found one that could fit us in. A mad dash a few miles down the road and an hour later than planned we were on our way.
We just made it to the Eurotunnel as the check in was closing so it was straight on the train and over to France. To make it a bit more interesting there was the protest going on at Calais so the A16 was blocked. It didn’t hold us up too much, just a small diversion. Around Dunkirk there were miles and miles of queuing lorries, I am not sure if they were protesting or they were been held there because of the closures further down the motorway.
We were soon out of France and into Belgium, a new country for us. Thanks to a great app I downloaded called Parkings we have found a great spot for our first night not to far from the Antwerp in a town called Temse. It is a free motorhome stopover just behind the police station so we should be safe. We arrived here about 6:30 and took Finn for a long walk along the River Scheldt. Temse apparently has the longest road bridge in Belgium. By this time the sun was shining after lots of drizzle all day through the UK and France. It is a bit of a strange place as there are these amazing new apartments overlooking the river then a big industrial estate. We stopped off at a restaurant on the way back so Andy could have a genuine Belgian beer in Belgium.
Photos to follow when I have downloaded them.

Overnight – Temse N 51.124800 E 4.209800
Miles Driven – 315
Miles Walked – 4.1
Weather – Drizzle turning sunny late afternoon


4 thoughts on “Day one – UK to Belgium

    1. Hi Chris & Peter, thanks for your kind offer of a stay(we are only small – 6 meters, so would fit on your drive) unfortunately we are rushing through to get to our ferry to Norway. We will definitely come back to Belgium though as we loved the small part we saw of it.
      Cheers Anne & Andy


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