3 weeks to go before we leave for Norway

I think we are almost there on the jobs list. Finn is booked in the vets both here and in France for his worming tablet, the ferry is booked from Denmark to Norway both ways and we have our last night campsite booked in France. The campsite is Camping La Chaumiere in Buysscheure. This is a traditional last night stop for us whenever we have travelled back to the UK as they will also book the local vets for you. In between these booked dates we are free to travel wherever we like…..
The first 3 days are planned driving to Denmark, in theory if we do it non stop it should take 12 hours. We have given ourselves 2 and a bit days so hopefully that will be fine. The map below shows our route.

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1ZkDY2yGv5N-cc443NFRQIxZZDg4&hl=en&w=640&h=480

The Motorhome Guide Camperstop Europe Guide has also arrived. This covers all the countries we are driving through so we should be able to find places to stop on route on our drive to Norway without too much trouble.


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