Percol to Lago di Caldonazzo

We have now left the Dolomites and mountains behind us and are on the edge of Lake Caldonazzo at a mere elevation of 240ft. We drove through some dramatic gorges, a couple of roads where we were all breathing in and praying we didn’t meet anything and passed this very cute church on our exit from the Dolomites.

Our observations are it is a lot busier and a lot hotter now. I am not sure if it is the Lakes that are a more popular destination or it is because we are nearly in July, so moving into high season.

I did get my wish though of a flat lakeside walk. To be fair it is too hot to walk far during the day so we ended up doing an early morning and evening stroll along the promenade, together with lots of swimming for Finn in-between. All of the ‘beaches’ so far seem dog friendly as long as they are on a lead which means we are fine to walk through the busy bits and then when we are away from the main sections he can have a swim.

The campsite we stayed at is Camping Belvedere. There are about six campsites all in a short stretch, we chose this one because it had the least facilities i.e no pool etc. and looked the quietest. The facilities were immaculate again and the pitches were not a bad size. We haven’t come across a bad campsite yet and the bar was even open for business at the Belvedere. So far everywhere we have stopped haven’t had their restaurants etc. open yet.


Directly across the road from the campsite was a swimming point where Andy went for his morning dip and Finn cooled off from the heat. We also must thank our neighbours from the Netherlands Belie and John who gave us some great travel tips of places to visit.

Weather – one hot and sunny day and one day a bit cooler with clouds

Miles Driven – 91

Miles Walked –  7.1 (with lots of swimming for Andy & Finn).

Overnight – Camping Belvedere for 2 nights on Lago di Caldonazzo €20 a night with electric


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