Inchnadamph to Mellon Udrigle

We were not as alone as we thought last night in our camping spot. When I took Finn for his early morning walk there was a huge stag in the bracken just up from the camper as well as about 30 doe deer. They all ran when we walked towards them apart from the stag who stood his ground just watching us.
The wind had thankfully dropped and although not blue skies it was dry in the morning. Our first stop was Ullapool. We did a quick stop for a food shop before heading out for a little walk around the town. We stopped at The Frigate Cafe by the harbour on Shore Street for coffee and cake. It is dog friendly and has WiFi, which is important as we are not getting any signal driving around, plus the cakes were very good. Ullapool has some nice little gift shops although quite a few were closed today as it is Sunday.
Next stop was Corrieshalloch Gorge. The gorge was formed a few million years ago, probably in the ice age. There are a couple of walks you can do, we walked the longer route, but that is only just over a kilometre long. There is a Victorian suspension bridge over the gorge which was built in 1874 which does sway quite a bit if ‘someone’ starts jumping on it when you are crossing. There is also a viewing platform over the largest waterfall in the gorge which is the 45m high Falls of Measach.

Victorian suspension bridge over Corrieshalloch Gorge
Viewing platform over Corrieshalloch Gorge

We did a quick photo stop at the Ardessie Falls on the A832 and the amazing beach at Gruinard Bay before heading round to Mellon Udrigle.

Gruinard Bay

The beach is a few miles detour off the official route, leaving it at Laide. Our overnight spot is Mellon Udrigle Beach Campsite. It is right on the beach and costs £10 per night. We had planned to stay in the beach carpark but overnight camping is not allowed, but by stopping in the campsite we can empty everything that is full and fill everything that is empty.

Finn paddling on Mellon Udrigle beach
Mellon Udrigle beach and campsite
The view from the oblong window tonight

One surprise we had were the sheep on the beach, Andy had a Fenton moment!

Miles driven – 69
Mikes walked – 6.8
Weather – cloudy morning, midday shower turning warmer and sunnier

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