Back in the UK

Day forty started with a bit of backwards and forwards. We did have a visit from Guy the campsite owner last night when we found out that unfortunately the campsite doesn’t take cards and we didn’t have enough Euros. Therefore this morning we had to go and get some cash from the nearest town and back to campsite to pay our debt. We didn’t let the trip to St. Omer be a waste as we picked up a joint birthday cake for Andy and Liz, who we were going to visit tonight.

On our way to Calais we got stuck behind a bin lorry, no sooner had we passed the bin lorry we then were behind a tractor. By the time we got to the tunnel we were cutting it a bit fine. This wasn’t helped by the unfortunate couple in front of me in the pet passport office. It had obviously all gone wrong somewhere on the dates that the vet had put on the passport and this meant that they were not allowing their dog to travel.  It didn’t sound like a simple problem as there was lots of discussion about information faxed from the UK as well as going to a French vet again. Thankfully Finn was fine and he was given the all clear to travel. By this time it was straight to check in were we showed our passports for only the second time this trip, the first was leaving the UK and straight round to boarding.

The pictures below show our last few minutes in France, mid way and arriving back on UK soil.


We didn’t have too long a journey as we are not going all the way home today, instead we are stopping with some friends in London so the holiday isn’t quite over yet.

It was a great afternoon and evening catching up with Liz, Richard and James. Finn enjoyed playing with Ollie the Collie, Ollie wasn’t too keen on playing with Finn, he had a bit of grumpy old man syndrome with the pesky puppy. We did make it to a local pub for the first time in a few weeks. Finn’s flashing collar came in handy on the walk back in the dark!

Miles Driven – 146



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