Another ski resort, with some snow

Day thirty-one and we had a quiet night in the ski centre car park but the same can’t be said for the workman in the resort. They were still going when we last looked out at 10pm and again at 7am this morning, I am not sure if they went round the clock. They must be hardy as the temperature gauge when we took Finn for a walk this morning said minus four and we woke up to a proper frost. We did a little walk into the village of Hemsedal and passed a great cross country skiing summer practice course. The tarmac was perfectly smooth and the course twisted up the mountain and back again so you can practice up and down hill sections. (Skis with wheels on em!)image

From Hemsedal we drove to another ski resort called Geilo. Just as we were driving in to the town we were behind a lorry putting in the snow poles. A pneumatic drill comes out and drills the hole and then another swings out and drops the pole in (snow pole puter inner!) very efficient . image Geilo is much bigger than Hemsedal and was very busy with mountain bikers. They had one of the lifts open to take them up the mountain. We checked out a great hotel and then wandered along the river that runs through the valley and through the town. The ski runs are on both sides of the valley at Geilo so plenty to keep you entertained. We did actually see snow from a distance on one of the slopes, well they had the snow cannons going.image

The plan was to stop somewhere just south of Geilo at a campsite as we could do with a final clothes wash to see us home. Typically as with all things when you are looking for something in particular you cannot find it. This was the case for us tonight as we couldn’t find one open with laundry facilities. As we were coming over a dam there was a big in pull with a great view so we decided to give up on the campsite, do some emergency hand washing instead and enjoy the view. The camper now has a washing line hung across it, I will spare you all the photo of Andy’s pants. We have managed to find a camping spot even higher than last night and it is going to get even colder. Although when we stopped at about five o’clock it was warm enough for Andy to sit outside and have a cider in the sun.


Overnight – N 60.21217 E 8.58285 (3633ft)

Miles Walked – 9.5

Miles Driven – 88

Weather – lovely and sunny but chilly in the shade

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