Along the Atlantic Highway heading north in Norway

Day sixteen was a long driving day as we continue to head north on the Atlantic Hightway E6 which is the main route up through Norway as it becomes narrower. To say it is the quickest route north traffic was very quiet, a few cars but mainly lorries and motorhomes.

As we drove, we passed hundreds of miles of forest with the leaves starting to turn on the trees it was a pretty sight. Our passage into Nordland was marked by a bridge across the road as seen in the main picture taken from the picnic area there. I know public conveniences have featured quite a bit in this blog but we continue to be amazed at the standard of the toilets. The ones at this picnic area were like those in a hotel, yet we were in the middle of nowhere at a picnic spot. We left the Atlantic Highway at Mosjoen to head towards the Kystriksveien Coastal Route where we slow the pace right down as we head up to Bodo for a ferry to the Lofoten Islands. Our first part of the route is a ferry from Levang to Nesna (the picture below was taken at Levang as we got onto the coastal route) which took 25 mins.

This was the first ferry where we were able to leave the van, unfortunately Finn had to stop behind.

As we had covered a lot of miles today we didn’t want to be driving much later so we opted to stop at the campsite in Nesna. In summer I imagine it is rammed and not as pleasant as it is now as it has a small swimming pool with a waterslide. At this time of year it is very peaceful and has amazing views. The pictures below are the views we are going to bed to tonight. imageThere is a slight fish aroma though in our van thanks to Finn who decided to roll in some fish on his evening walk. The wet wipes have helped a bit but there is still a smell in the confined smell of the camper.

Overnight – Havblikk Camping N 66.202752 E 13.022901

Miles Walked – 3

Miles Driven – 257

Weather – very mild, sunny intervals, no rain

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