Hairpins followed by more hairpins at Trollstigen

Day fourteen started sunny as we drove away from the glacier back down the road we came in on yesterday to Olden. Our first stop was the Dalsnibba viewpoint which is 1500m high and gives the highest view of a fjord from a road. It was a bit of a gamble driving up as you have to pay a toll at the bottom to go up the road and the clouds were continually coming down and then clearing. The gamble paid off as by the time we did get to the top they had cleared and you could see the Geirangerfjord below which is 20km long. You can also see the village of Geiranger which is at the head of the fjord. This is quite a little village but has 150 cruise ships dock each year bringing in 600,000 visitors. There was a cruise ship docked when we drove through, you can just see it as a spec on the water from the top in the photograph below. It was really quiet when we arrived at the viewpoint with only one other motorhome and a car, that soon changed as a tour bus of Japanese tourists arrived, selfy sticks galore. It was quite cold at the top, it said 11 degrees but it felt much colder.

From the viewpoint we zig zagged our way down to the village of Geiranger and then zig zagged our way back up the other side to the busiest viewpoint in the world. Maybe that is not actually true but it was very busy with cruise ship coaches as well as cars.

We then did a another short ferry hop from Eidsdal to Linge before heading along the Trollstigen road. We stopped at the visitors centre and did a walk along the river. We have decided to stop the night here in preparation for driving the Troll’s Ladder tomorrow. I shall explain all in tomorrows blog! As we are not moving anywhere tonight and the sun is shinning it was time for an early G&T and cider.


After all the crowds had gone and we were all alone in the car park we took a walk to the 3 viewing decks to see the waterfall and the Troll’s Ladder below us. It was lovely to have it to ourselves.

The first two viewpoints were ok but the third isn’t for anyone who does not like heights, the Norwegians do like their overhanging , mesh floor and glass sided viewpoints. Andy has to go and take the photographs at these points as I am not a fan. As we were losing the light by this stage we will have to pop back for some photos before we leave in the morning.

Overnight – Trollstigen visitors centre at 2299ft N 62.45188 E 7.662661

Miles Walked – 3.25

Miles Driven – 119

Weather – sunny with low cloud in places, turning hot in the afternoon

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