Hei from Lapland

Day twenty-six and a we are in Finland. After speaking to some people on route and having had a lot of experience now of Norwegian roads we are going to take a quicker route back through Finland and then Sweden, before cutting back into Norway around Oslo. If everything goes according to plan that should give us a few days to explore Southern Norway before getting the ferry back to Denmark.

We have had an interesting wildlife day today. As we were leaving Norway there was a large herd of reindeer crossing the road. We slowed down and put our hazard lights on waiting for them to cross. Apparently that isn’t the Norwegian way as an enormous lorry that we had over taken about a mile before came zooming up alongside us and practically pushed them out of the way. They all moved on and no reindeer were hurt, we then had to over take the lorry again. Our stopping meant that we got some great close up pictures, it is probably an everyday occurrence for the lorry driver but we still get excited when we see reindeer.

Our second wildlife experience was we think a Golden Eagle. The pictures don’t really do it justice, it was very large and through the binoculars definitely looked like an eagle.image

Today seems to have passed even quicker than normal as we have lost an hour. Norway is one hour ahead of the U.K. but Finland is two hours ahead so we jumped forward when we crossed the border. Tomorrow we will get the hour back, as when we get to Sweden we will revert back to one hour ahead.

Tonight we are in the Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park in Western Lapland. There are definitely lots of reindeer around judging from the amount of pooh we saw on our evening walk. Hopefully we will not wake up with scratches down the side of the van after a night time visit.

Overnight – N68.33485  E23.36243

Miles Walked – 5

Miles Driven – 243

Weather – on / off rain all day and cloudy

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