Hi, we are Andy and Anne, back in 2016 we made some changes in our life (we are now both self-employed) so we can take longer holidays in our campervan with Finn our dog. We have had various vans for over 13 years and have had great holidays both in the UK and Europe with our old Border Collie Merlot, but our breaks have always been the traditional two weeks. After avidly following lots of the travel blogs of other couples having adventures in their vans we decided to follow suit. We discussed how long to go for, should it be a year, six months? What about an income, our house, the chickens, family & friends? In the end we decided that actually we would like to keep things ‘ticking’ over at home so actually six to eight weeks felt like a good length of time to be away. So it was decided, extended trip number one with the new puppy (he was 8 months old when we left) was Norway for six weeks. This was followed by Scotland, Switzerland and Italy.

Let the adventures continue…….