What equipment do you need to pack in your campervan kitchen?

So you have bought your campervan or motorhome and are planning your first trip, what equipment do you need to pack in your campervan kitchen? The first thing you will realise is that there is not a lot of space in your campervan so you need to make sure that you really need everything you pack. As we travel a frequently in our campervan we eat-in quite a lot. Firstly so we can manage our finances and stick to our budget and secondly so we can try and eat healthily. Therefore we need to have the right equipment that allows us to cook a wide variety of meals. For anyone that regularly reads our blog you will also know that we have the added complication that I am veggie while Mr.T doesn’t believe it is a proper meal unless it has meat or fish in it so we are always cooking a meal that can be easily adapted to suit both of us, we like a challenge!

This is what we have in our campervan kitchen.

We only have space for three pans so they have to be flexible and do several jobs. We have a wok, frying pan and a small pan.


Firstly our wok is probably the pan we use the most. As well as doing stir fry’s this is the large pan that we would cook pasta in and heat up veggies, basically anything that doesn’t fit in our small pan.

As I have previously said we are a family of one veggie and one carnivore so we often cook a veggie meal like curry or stir fry in the wok and then serve one portion with chicken that we cooked separately in the small frying pan. We also love a fried egg but as the van isn’t always perfectly level we recently added these fried/poached egg rings to stop everything gathering in the corner of the pan.

There are lots of specialised pan sets available with space-saving stacking systems and folding handles. We have used these before and have had several different sets but what we personally find is that we need larger sizes and more flexibility i.e. a wok when we are cooking.

Collapsible colander

This is another recent purchase and I know you may be thinking that it is a bit of a luxury. We recently bought this collapsible colander as I got fed up on losing my pasta down the sink when I was trying to drain it from the wok using a pan lid. As the colander is collapsible it is lightweight and compact. We would use the colander as a serving dish for the salad as well, anything to save on the washing up. It also has the extra benefit of siting between the wok and the frying pan to stop rattles. Anyone who already owns a campervan will be nodding their head knowingly at this mention of rattles.


A jug is essential when you need to measure out water amounts but can also double up as a mixing bowl, make sure you get one large enough but also lightweight.


You are going to need a set of cutlery, we have a set of four. I know there are only two of us but we do have guests sometimes!

We have two spoons, fish slice, two tongs (we need a veggie and meat one when BBQing). Tongs are also great to double up as salad servers.

We have a set of knives that have covers on them so that they can be missed in with all the other cutlery and you can have a good rummage to get what you need without cutting yourself.

Lastly a small whisk, great for sauces, omelettes and scrambled eggs.

Our favourite dinner service

We have had lots of different dinner sets over the years from tin plates to plastic bowls and have ended up with this Kampa set, I love it because although we are camping I still like to serve up food that looks good. I know not everyone will agree with me, but these plates look like they are real but are actually made from melamine so will not break and of course, tick the important box of being lightweight. Have you gathered yet that there is always a weight consideration in a campervan.

Mugs and Glasses

Finally, what else do you need in your campervan kitchen, the all important wine and beer galsses. We have a couple of mugs, wine glasses, pint glasses together with a couple of refillable water bottles for when we are out and about and a refillable coffee cups both for when we are driving and need a caffeine boost and for takeaway coffees as well. We love the collapsible coffee cups as they take up less space.

So you know what equipment you need in your campervan kitchen all sorted now, how about trying one our recipes or checkout our Pinterest Board for even more inspiration.

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  1. We cook, or at least I do and James washes up, too in our van. But as we mostly live in it, we carry a LOT more. But our payload can take it.
    Pressure cooker, slow cooker, Remoska, electric whisk, hand blender, smoother maker and a stack steamer set .. as well as a set of Tefal Ingenio sauce and fry pans. Oh and I even have a steel to sharpen my knives!!!!
    Believe it or not, I do use it all!
    I have removed the spiraliser as it only got used rarely.

  2. A great list. There is only so much you can carry. We have a few favourite things.
    A wooden shallow bowl we bought in SLovakia is great for serving bread and a small enamel bowl is perfect for salads and mixing up bread dough etc. I bought this in Croatia. I love my RidgeMonkey grill pan too and wouldn’t be without that, it is so versatile.

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