Gotcha Birthday for Finn

Three years ago today Finn our rescue ‘collie’ came into our lives.

It had been a few months since we lost our Border Collie Merlot and after searching for a while at the rehoming centres we found Finn.

He was rescued by Many Tears and was in a foster home in Swansea. We had filled out the forms and passed the home check so all we had to do now was go and see him. We went prepared in the campervan with a crate to bring him home. I think the chances of coming away without him were zero, although officially it was just a viewing. The charity had called him Jethro and he was handed over to them with the rest of his litter by a farmer. He was listed as a welsh collie which is stretching the truth. Some part of him is collie but there is definitely a bit of a mixture with we think maybe whippet and Jack Russell as well.

Three years later and we couldn’t imagine life without him (apart from when he has rolled in something disgusting). He has travelled with us across ten countries with hopefully many more adventures to come.

Happy Birthday Finn


Waiting to blow out his candle on his homemade mince and carrot cake with peanut butter and cream cheese frosting

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