Lac de Coiselet to Amiens

As we left Lac de Coiselet it was the beginning of the end of our holiday and time for the big push north. The first leg was up to Amiens where we had a vet appointment booked Monday morning for Finn and Rufus to have their passports stamped.

It was also the football World Cup Final, France vs. Croatia. You didn‚Äôt need to be watching the match to know the score. There were very loud cheers, fireworks and horns every time France scored and when it finished the celebrations went on well into the night. I put my ear plugs in when we went to bed as it was still very loud. Andy said he could hear celebrations well into the early hours.

We stopped at a car park on the edge of a very pretty park and lake. The view from our window is the photo at the top and if you look carefully you can just about make out the campers on the photo below taken from across the lake. There were no facilities but it was free. By the end of the evening there were about 15 motorhomes parked up.


Weather – hot and sunny

Miles Walked -2.5

Miles Driven -353

Overnight – a free stopover in Amiens in the Parc Saint-Pierre 49.90001 2.31072

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  1. hallo andy, i followed your blog…
    i liked it ūüėé
    some of the places you‚Äėve been, we saw before.
    have a good time my friend. perhaps we can meet in england next autum.
    remember … i will go to liverpool to meet the beatles !
    Manfred (we met in Glurnz)

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