Lago di Caldonazzo to Anfo on Lago d’Idro

We travelled 71 miles west by-passing Lake Garda to the much smaller and quieter Lago d’Idro. We managed to secure one of three available overnight spots right on the lake shore in the village of Anfo.

There are walks both ways along the lake. We walked left to a part of the Rocca d’Anfo. There are parts of this fifteenth century military complex all over the hillsides. If it had been cooler we may have ventured up the hillside to look at some other parts but instead made do with the bit that was easiest to get to.


Finn and Andy did a lot of swimming in the lake and the kayak got another outing.  I managed a paddle and reading in the shade, everybody was happy. Well, everyone except for the poor lady innocently sat watching her dog swimming in the lake when Finn decided to shake right next to her. Lots of apologies and a quick exit for the Targett’s.

On our first evening we ate in the restaurant called Imbarcadero right next to the stopover. It served great pizzas and was reasonably price. It was very popular with the locals and you could hear noise from the restaurant where we were parked. I couldn’t tell you what time it went quiet as I fell asleep so it obviously didn’t bother us too much.


Weather – very hot and sunny

Miles Driven -71

Miles Walked – 5.4

Overnight – Two nights at the free stopover by the Imbarcadero Restaurant in Anfo 45.762521 10.492315

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