Cortina d’Amprezzo to Pecol

As we left Cortina we saw that it was market day so we stopped and had a little look around and made some local purchases, cheese for me and spit roast chicken for Andy. This was supplemented with the standard bread, cakes, croissants and wine from the little supermarket. It certainly isn’t a carb free, fat-free or alcohol free diet that we are following this holiday.

From Cortina we drove only about 25 miles to Camping Palafavera which is just outside the town of Pecol. The campsite is mainly permanent caravans but is absolutely immaculate with great little Individual shower, loo and sink rooms. The view from our camper is of the Pioda Ski lift and slopes.


In the  afternoon we did a walk up behind the campsite to the lower slopes of Monte Pelmetto. I know this is stating the bleeding obvious but there is a lot of walking uphill in the Dolomites. The upward part of this walk seemed to go for ever and get steeper and steeper. I am craving a nice flat lake walk. There is one thing to be said for going high though, the view when we came out of the trees was spectacular which made the effort all worth while. Plus, I have my own little equation that the harder our daily walk is the more cake and wine I can have.


Weather – hot and sunny during the day, cool evening

Miles Driven – 29

Miles Walked – 7.1

Overnight – Camping Palafavera €27 46.401819 12.102997


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