Täsch to Blatten

We had a late start leaving Täsch as we took the opportunity of the rainy weather to do some washing.

In park4night there was a rest area marked just above the ski resort of Blatten that we could free camp at on route to Betten the next day to see the Aletsch Glacier .

The rest area looked quiet, it was the winter park and ride for the cable car so empty in summer. We tucked ourselves away in the top corner and went for a walk up to the Massa dam and back through the woods via the village of Blatten.

We were just about to start dinner when a work van pulled up and a couple of guys asked very nicely if we were planning on stopping the night. They said they were only asking as a helicopter was due to pick up some steels that were not far from us at 8am the next morning so it would be better if we moved to the other end.

We thought we had better do as requested and moved to the other end of the car park which was a bit slopped so we needed to go on the ramps. Unfortunately in the process of jumping out of the cab Andy went over on his ankle and some hot dogs sausages (no frozen peas in the camper freezer) were required to ice the injury. Fingers crossed it is not too bad, I am just thanking my lucky stars that the camper is automatic and it was Andy’s left foot he injured otherwise we could be staying put for some time as I am not sure I would be able to drive the camper down all the hairpin bends back to the main road from here. Whilst obviously being very sympathetic.,.,

It was a quiet night after that, we didn’t see anyone else. It was a good job that we did move though as the next morning a helicopter arrived and it did four pick ups of steel and pallets. They don’t mess around, straight in, hover over the pickup with a line dropped, the load is connected and off they go somewhere down the valley, We were still rather close to the action, no zoom required on the photo,  I am surprised we were not asked to move completely.

Blatten Rastplatz

Weather – heavy rain in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon

Miles Driven – 33

Miles walked –  5.5

Overnight – Blatten Restplatz 46.365133 7.993537

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