Maisod on Lac de vouglans


Finn swimming in the lake

After a morning jog, yes that isn’t predictive text, Finn and I did do a morning ‘slow’ jog along the canal, we headed back to the motorway with a day of driving ahead of us. The plan was to get down to a spot where we could have rest day near a lake and test the kayak. We ended up at the Aire Municipale at Maisod which is on Lac de vouglans about 50 miles North-West of Geneva. We decided to do the toll motorways through France to make the journey as quick and easy driving as possible. It costs us £62 in tolls from Calais to 25 miles north of here where we left the motorway,

The Aire is in a slightly different location to the co-ordinates that are in camper contact. It is now a dedicated area, slightly higher up, unfortunately without a view of the Lake,  but only a short walk to the Plage de la Mercantine. It is all very quiet at the moment, only four campers here but it says it holds fifty and I can imagine it is very popular in season. The cost is €6 paid by machine at the marina plus another €2 for water. We haven’t actually seen anyone check the tickets but it is not much to pay to be by the lake.

We did not get here until early evening and only managed a little walk to the beach and around the marina before the heavens opened together with a rumble of thunder. Time to retreat for dinner and an episode of Game of Thrones – Winter is here!


Weather – sunny with evening rain and thunderstorms

Miles Driven – 282 miles

Miles Walked – 3.8 miles

Overnight – Aire Municipale Maisod 46.467293 5.692578


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