A new camper – Vinnie (mark 2) the Autotrail V-line 620

When we came back from Norway we made a wish list that we would like in our new camper and have now pretty much got everything on our new one in time for our next trip. Vinnie (mark 2 as our first VW T4 was also Vinnie the Volkswagen) is an Autotrail V-Line 620. There is a fixed rear bed, LPG gas, outdoor shower (very useful when you have a dog likes rolling in anything smelly) and a solar panel.

We have had a few nights away locally to us but are heading off for our first 2 week trip to the Highlands of Scotland so that will be the real test, watch this space.



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  1. Congratulations on your new Vinnie! Wish you happy travelling and … blogging! Have a nice trip into the Highlands.

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