At the ski resort but wrong time of year!!

Day thirty and you can tell we are back in Norway, the camera has gone into overdrive again. We both love this country, we quite fancy owning a cabin like the one in the picture where we can use it for walking in the summer, and this one is close enough to the ski resorts for a bit of winter fun. Only problem is it is a bit of a long commute for the weekend.

Today is our last long driving day for a week as we are now right in the middle of Norway again so are planning on slowly moving south to Kristiansand for our ferry next Tuesday.

As we were driving around today we saw lots of houses with these grass roofs. This one was actually the reception for a campsite. This is great natural insulation.image

Tonight we are in the car park at the bottom of the slopes in Hemsedal. This resort is a potential to come back to in January so we thought we would check it out. It is always strange seeing a ski resort out of season as I think they always look a bit sad, but this one is a hive of activity. The village is quite busy and up round the slopes they are still working now on a new hotel and it is 20:30. I am guessing they have only got a couple of months to go to get everything complete before the beginning of the season. It is a little chilly up here. When we were walking Finn earlier the temperature guage by the slope said four degrees and it is going to hit a low of minus five tonight. I hope our heater keeps working.

Overnight – Hemsedal ski resort N 60.86084  E 8.52227 (2167ft)

Miles Walked – 4.5

Miles Driven – 203

Weather – sunny but quite chilly

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