Briksdalsbreen Glacier, Norway

Day thirteen started misty and drizzly, it looks like the lovely weather has gone away for a while but it did start to brighten up as we got on our way. We had only driven about 5 miles and we saw glacier number two in the distance. We carried on towards Olden with a particularly interesting drive down to Utvik. As we ascended the mountain the cloud came in really low just as we got to the hairpin section so I had to be co-pilot, telling Andy where the road was about to turn from the map.

Just passed this section we also passed a new tunnel being built. It looks like they have been doing it for some time and the signs said roadworks would continue until 2018. I think if your job has anything to do with tunnel construction you have a job for life in Norway.

From Olden which is at the end of Nordfjord we took a single track road down towards the twin glacial tongues of Melkevollbreen and Briksdalsbreen. From the carpark we walked as far as we were allowed up to the Briksdalsbreen glacier. This was a much easier walk than to the Folgefonn glacier, no ropes or ladders required, they had proper steps with a hand rail! You get a bit wet on this walk as you go over the bridge near one of the waterfalls coming down from the glacier. The waterfall is mostly melt water from the glacier and it flows at a rate of up to 10,000 litres per second.

We checked the parking meter when we got back to the car park and it says you can stop overnight for 100k, we decided we would struggle to find anywhere better and so we stayed in the car park. We have a waterfall view out of the side door and the glacier out of the back door, fairly spectacular. The waterfall is quite noisy but I am sure we will get used to it.

imageOvernight – Briksdalsbre Fjellstove carpark N 61.66333  E 6.82047

Miles Walked – 5.1

Miles Driven – 79

Weather – drizzly & misty turner dry but still overcast

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