Bergen Norway

Day eleven was spent in the big city, it was a bit of a shock having so many people around us. Bergen is a lovely city with an old quarter called Bryggen right across the Vagen harbour within walking distance of where we had parked last night. There are 58 old wooden warehouses which are now all shops or hotels, about 25% of these are original with lots of little alleyways to explore. Finn was a hit in Bryggen with the Japanese tourists, we were stopped twice and asked if they could have their photo taken with him. We should start charging, it would help fund the trip. After a walk around the old town we headed to the Flobanen Funicular which takes you up to one of the seven hills that surround the city. We were very blessed with the weather, beautiful blue clear sky and 25 degrees so the views were amazing.

This was Finn’s first funicular and we managed to get the front seats so he could look out the glass as we went up. I don’t think he could quite work it out, but he ended up settling down with his nose on the glass so he didn’t seem too bothered. There is a lake at the top that you can walk to and then take a trail to walk back to the city.

We loved the sign on this old drive wheel at the top. Norway reminds us so much of New Zealand, not only because of the scenery but also it seems that you take responsibility for your own actions and it is not up to the authorities to wrap you up in cotton wool. We also loved the ice creams that they sold at the top. There were lots of local people doing the walk / run up the mountain which looked very hard work, our way was better getting the funicular up and walking down. We then wandered back through the narrow streets to the harbour and had a late lunch before heading back to the camper. We were heading off to a campsite about 12 miles outside the city to meet an English couple who have spent the last few years travelling in their campervan for about 10 months each year. We ended up chatting and drinking wine all evening and hearing all about their travels. I have been reading their blog ( for over a year now so it was really great to meet them and Charlie their dog. Unfortunately Charlie is an old man and didn’t want a pesky puppy bothering him, although persistent Finn did keep trying to persuade him!


Overnight – Midttunn Camping, Bergen N 60.32086  E 5.36483

Miles Walked – 6.25

Miles Driven – 12

Weather – hot and sunny with a high of 25 degrees

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