The weather forecast was right, day seven started with sunshine and the rain had disappeared. We headed off to Preikestolen which has over 200,000 visitors a year. If you are looking for a secluded walk this is not the one for you. No map required, just follow everyone else.

The walk was reasonably hard going if you have got short legs like me as the steps were made for giants and there was some interesting climbing to do in places. This was harder for Andy as he had to contend with Finn on a lead. The worst part which I had read about is the last section as it is a narrow ledge with a sheer drop. My fear of heights has definitely got worse as I have got older. Apparently there has only been one accidental death here, the rest were suicides. I didn’t go anywhere near the edge at the top, all the photos are courtesy of Andy. I spent the whole time wondering how I was going to get back down. This wasn’t helped by Andy saying he cannot believe there hasn’t been more accidents and people killed! The rock itself is nearly 2000ft above the Lysefjorden.


You can see Andy doing a superman impression off the edge

Now it is all over we are really pleased we did it, although I am aching a bit now and I do not think it will be an experience I will ever repeat. On the opposite side of the fjord is the Kjerag plateau which we may do on the way back down in a few weeks. This is the famous suspended Boulder you may have seen pictures of.

Tonight we have found another lovely picnic stop to stay at, picture below. We do not need a campsite as we have again managed to empty and refill for free at a motorhome station at another picnic stop. It is great to be in a country which is so camper friendly.

Overnight – Picnic area 2.5 miles from Hjelmeland on route 13    N 59.185831  E 6.148341

Miles Driven – 50 miles

Miles Walked – 8 (121 floors climbed)

Weather – Sunshine and clouds

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